kickstarter stretch goals!

less than a week left to get in on the kickstarter action! since we hit our first stretch goal i've added another! who likes stickers? everyone that's who! they will be added to all tiers at $10 and up if we hit our next goal.

new limited edition beast sculptures!

I've created two new limited edition colorways of my ovok and little trico. these guys are available as backer rewards for my kickstarter project.

hooray we made our goal!

Hooray! We made our goal! Thank you to everyone who has backed this project so far, and to everyone who has been sharing it with their friends and networks, I am forever grateful.
We're not done yet! With 20 days left, we're working on some excellent stretch goals, all of which will go into making this book as beautiful as possible. Perhaps a wrap cover, or extra pages of artwork. Maybe even a foil stamp, or spot varnish... Ooo so many delicious possibilities....
I'll also be unlocking some new backer rewards which will include some more originals, so stay tuned!
here's a new piece for your viewing pleasure "the mighty multicorn"

new beast art originals

here's 3 paintings that are now available as backer rewards for my kickstarter book project! these pieces will also be a part of the book if we reach our funding goal.