Monsters You Should Know! My new book with Chronicle Books

I'm so excited to share a new project that I've been working on with Chronicle books! Monsters You Should Know is a darkly funny collection of creatures and cryptids from folkloric history. I've chosen 17 obscure beasts from around the world, telling their story in true OddFauna fashion, a little creepy, cute  and unexpected. It's available now in bookstores! or you can order it online through Chronicle Books or Amazon.

Designer Con, November 11-12!

I'm excited to be back at DesignerCon this weekend for my 7th year! I'll have lots of goodies including original paintings, one of a kind sculptures, prints and small sculpts! Come find me and the beasts at table #TB13 in the C Hall!

Emerald City Comicon 2016!

Hey Folks! I'll be at ECCC this weekend at booth #4010 up in the Block! I've got a few new prints and lots of new sculpts, be sure to come by to say hi!

Holiday Shows in Seattle!

After an amazing time at Designercon last weekend, it's time to get ready for holiday shows! They're all right here in Seattle so if you're local this is your chance to get some beautiful handmade gifts from some truly talented vendors.

Urban Craft Uprising-Dec 5-6 Seattle Center
UCU South Lake Union- Dec 17 Van Vorst Plaza
Renegade Craft Fair-Dec 19-20 Magnuson Park, Hangar 30

New York ComiCon 2015!

It's that time of year again! I'm packing up all the beasts and heading to NYCC. I'm excited to be back in The Block booth #407, where I'll have lots of new goodies to share, including a special edition Wolfbeast. I'll also have lots of little guys, including some of my poison sproutlings and some special one of a kind pieces. Along with some new prints, I'll be bringing some small original paintings! Hope to see you there! I'll be posting lots of pics on instagram @oddfauna
if you want to peek at the new critters.

The Hatchling comic is back!

A while ago I started up a little OddFauna Comic called the Hatchling. I've had to put it on hold for a few months while I dealt with some neck and back issues, but I'm excited to start it back up again! I'll be posting a new page every Wednesday, hope you enjoy it!

Oh my, it's time for Emerald City COMICON!

Hey Folks! It's been a busy few months. I recently packed up the beasts (and husband and dog) and moved to the glorious PNW.  Also Seattle just happens to be the home of one of my favorite Conventions, and holy smokes it's only a few weeks away! If you're planning on coming out to Emerald City Comicon (and MY GOD why wouldn't you be?) I'll be in Artist Alley, booth M-01 where you can get a sneak peek at a brand new project I'm working on! It's happening March 27-29

Designer Con is this weekend!

I'm excited to head down to Designer Con this weekend with boxes and boxes of beasts! I've been busy in the studio since getting back from an amazing New York Comicon and will have some new work up for sale including the Designer Con exclusive Poison Sproutlings, and lots of new woodland dens For those of you who can't make it, I will be having a big online sale Friday the 14th, where I'll be posting sculpts and some original work. For those of you that can make it, I'll be at booth 231!

 One of a kind hand painted Logurs
 Poison Sproutlings

 Woodland Den

Meet Logur!

Hey guys! I'm very excited to finally be releasing this guy into the wild.
He's a sculpt that I originally made over a year ago, and have been looking for the right way to reproduce him. Luckily I just happen to have a friend named Victoria ( who is a casting wizard and who has been able to recreate some very interesting color variations for me out of her studio in Oakland. The first colorway is called "Jade" which is translucent in the fins and allows some light to shine through the body. each one is unique and has different variations of color and translucency.
I'll be putting up a select few for sale in my shop this Friday, and will be bringing some to NYCC and DesignerCon.
I really wanted to try to recreate some elements of my watercolor work into these new sculptures.  After some trial and error, we were able to get some really great results by mixing different colors into a clear resin.

Adventuring with my sisters!

I spent this past month adventuring through Mongolia with my 2 sisters. We had such an amazing experience staying in gers with nomadic families and exploring the countryside. Now I'm back in the studio working away on some new projects which I'll be sharing with everyone soon, but first, trip photos!

Hiking down through the White Cliffs

 A baby camel crying for it's mama. they make the craziest noises, which was funny until we realized that they were going to be crying all night long right outside of our ger.
 We also had the pleasure of riding these giant ornery beasts.
 Gobi cricket! The craziest bug I've ever seen.

 We hiked the length of Yol canyon, a little slice of green running through the Gobi. There were little pikas scurrying all around us, and we were lucky to see a massive bearded vulture take flight from it's nest.
 The sand dunes were epic, the climb up was exhausting. the view and the sunset from the very top was amazing!

 This wild little boy of one of the families we stayed with wanted us all to hop on the back of the bike with him, not sure where he was planning on taking us.

 Being serenaded in kharakhorum
The Flaming Cliffs
Wild horses! We were lucky to get to see the nearly extinct Tahki horse, which have been recently reintroduced into their natural habitat in central Mongolia.
Orkhon waterfall
Our wonderful horse guide and our mighty steeds!

 The collector, not exactly sure what this guy was up to, but he's holding a penis shaped rock with a baby inside and was surrounded by skull totem poles.
 Goats eating the offerings of the ovoo. 
 The most amazing boots at the black market in Ulaanbaatar.

Travel time!

I'll be closing down my shop and stepping out of the studio until the end of August. I'm traveling to Mongolia  for a little adventure and will not be responding to any emails or messages until I get back.
I've got some exciting projects in the works for September, so be sure to check back in the fall!

Upcoming shows in Seattle, LA and NY!!

Hello folks! Here's a little update about some upcoming shows that I'll be traveling to! I'll be writing more posts closer to the individual show times to let you know about some fun new projects I've got going on, and what new goodies I'll have at each show.

Seattle, July 12-13 Urban Craft Uprising

Los Angeles, July 26-27 Renegade Craft Fair

New York City, Oct 9-12 NYCC

Pasadena, Nov 8-9 DesignerCon

bronze beasties!

New bronze and turquoise patina painted beasties! I'm excited to have a new group of painted beast totems to match the bronze ovok sculpture. These guys are up in my shop now, collect them alllll, beasts do love company

New Spring Ovok

Just in time for spring! Shedding his winter coat, Ovok can stay hidden in the new lush spring foliage without being seen. These guys are now up in my shop, I've painted a very limited number, so get one while they last!

New sculptural work for upcoming group show at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery
I'm very excited to be a part of Entanglement, a group show featuring sculptural work by Bay Area artists. Opening night is May 5th from 7-10, come check it out! I'll be the one standing awkwardly by my pieces.
 Here's some process pics for two of the pieces that will be in the show!

 Both of these guys were hand sculpted out of super sculpey with foil and wire armatures.