I'll be at this amazing art and craft fair in San Francisco Dec 11-12! there will be tons of talented vendors there for all of your holiday shopping needs, and i'll be there with lots of brand new goodies too, including 3 new additions to my cast creature sculpts.

monster den

here's a little series of creature dens and sculptures that are up in the fabrications show at mission comics and art in san francisco. they're made out of wooden boxes with hand painted backgrounds pasted inside. a cozy little home for your oddFAUNA creature that can sit on your desk, or hang on your wall!

wolf den

little fox den

young fenrir

here's another new piece from the show that's up at mission comics and art in sf.

creature of the deep!!

here's a new illustration that will be a part of an upcoming show called fabrications at mission comics and art in san francisco, featuring the frenetically fabulous, morbidly curious collection of work by myself and artist phoenix zoellick. if you're in the area, come on out to our opening on saturday november 20th for art, treats, wine and good company!


i'll be at this years alternative press expo in san francisco oct 16th and 17th with lots of new prints and sculptures, including the 4th addition to my hand cast sculpts, a big bad wolf. well maybe not so big, but he sure is bad. well maybe not so bad as just a little grumpy.
anyways, table 523 come and check it out!

fresh new sculpts!

so i've been playing around with different ways to make my little creatures. i've stopped selling the hand sculpted guys cause they were just too time consuming. instead i've decided to create molds of a few of my favorites and do a limited edition of each one. they're all hand cast in resin (by me), primed, painted, and ready to take home in their own little take out box! in reality this is probably just as time consuming, but i love the process of creating a little creature army, although i could do without the crazy toxic fumes. i'll have them at the renegade craft fair, and up in my etsy shop soon, so stay tuned!

renegade craft fair!

I'll be at this year's renegade craft fair in san francisco! july 31-august 1. i'll have all kinds of goodies for sale, so if you're in the area, come on out!

lure them with fish heads

i'm working on a hilarious new children's book with the lovely jenny simpson about, o yes, monsters! here's a little test illustration that i did for it.

oddFAUNA sculpts

for fun and to get away from the computer for a bit, i started creating these little 2 inch creature sculpts based on some of my sketchbook doodles. They were a big hit at APE in SF last year, so i made more! it's sort of become an addiction.

what big teeth you have

oddFAUNA loves you

this was an illustration that i did for valentines day this year, perhaps a little late to post it now, but everyone can use a little love now and then right?