maker faire recap

wow!! what a fantastic show. thank you so much to everyone that stopped by my booth, your support really means a lot, and inspires me to keep creating.
maker faire has easily become one of my favorite show to do. the kind folks at bazaar bizarre are always awesome to work with, and the show itself is full of so many talented amazing people. i always leave the show inspired. (and exhausted, but mostly inspired)
plus i was lucky enough to receive one of the coveted blue maker ribbons, which ovok is fashionably sporting.

oddfauna's little book of beasts

i've FINALLY set a date to launch my book project. may 28th, no take backs.

oddfauna painting video

here's a custom painting that i recently did! i thought that i'd try taking some video with my fancy new magic phone. please excuse the weird angle, being a little ill equipped, the camera was precariously propped up on a pile of dens and books on my desk. the next one will be better i swear.  

oddfauna book update

well it's taken much longer than expected, but the oddfauna book is finally underway! finding a good north american printer within my budget has proven to be most challenging, but now that that's taken care of i've started to put together the kickstarter campaign which should be ready to launch in the next few weeks!
until then, here's a new creature called sisleflo.