riddles in the dark, new series in progress

the first piece of a new series based on riddles from the hobbit. i've been a big tolkien fan since i was a wee thing, and thought it was about time i did a little fan art of my own.

new print for emerald city comicon

i've finally made this piece into a 8.5x11 print! it will be available at eccc next week in seattle. i'm also working on a brand new series of illustrations (non oddfauna) which will also be available at the show, sneak peek coming soon:)

journey, the most beautiful game ever

ok, so this is not a post about what i'm working on, i just had to share a little bit about this gorgeous game called JOURNEY by thatgamecompany. i played this game yesterday, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. seriously, i was even dreaming about it last night. not only is it visually and audibly stunning, but you also become very emotionally attached to the little faceless character that you play. the story is intriguing in it's simplicity, and you are left satisfied, but wanting more.
even if you're not into games, go check this out, it will blow your mind.


i'm excited to be a part of emerald city comicon this year in seattle! i'll be at booth 2414 with lots of new work to share, as well as a few sneak peeks for the oddfauna book that i'm working on. if you're planing on being there be sure to come by to say hi:)

new beast art


here's another sneak peek of a new illustration for the book