bring on 2014, rarrr!

Happy belated New Year! Is it really 2014 already? Crickey how time flies.
I really wanted to take a moment to thank everyone out there who has supported this little art adventure of mine. Really, truly, thank you. Because without you I wouldn't have made it this far.
Being an artist has always been my dream job, I love making things more than anything else, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to share my world of whimsy with so many amazing people.
Being able to work for myself has been an extremely rewarding experience, although it definitely has it's ups and downs.When things seem bleak and I'm ready to quite everything and get a "real" job, it's been your words of encouragement that have propelled me forward.
So thank you for sharing, for liking, for buying, and for showing your support by coming out to shows, even just to say hi. It all really means a lot.
Because you are all so amazingly awesome (and you are) I'll be doing a special giveaway every month starting in February.
So bring on 2014!