fresh new sculpts!

newly painted sculpts! these little guys are traveling  to new york with me for mocca fest this weekend.

the mighty airbrush

hard at work airbrushing the base coat for my next batch of oddfauna sculpts.

ovok sculpture army

a super awesome customer just sent me a pic of all of the oddfauna sculpts that they've purchased over the past year. I think they are slowly creating an ovok army.

new ovok sculpture!

so i've been working on a new ovok creature sculpture, i wanted to make one that was even bigger, and that had all of the detail of the face and fur sculpted instead of painted on like the other guys. my hope is that he would look good unpainted so that i can sell him for a little less, and then do a few different colorway paint jobs that would be sold as limited editions. i'm just trying to decide now if i should cast him myself in hydrocal gypsum (he'll be super heavy) or get someone with a well ventilated studio to help me cast him in resin. hmm decisions decisions....

MoCCA FEST NY! April 28-29

hiya folks!i'll be back in new york at the end of the month for mocca fest! i'll be packing my suitcase full of new prints, including some larger limited edition ones, and as many new little beasties as i can fit in my luggage, plus a very limited amount of shadowbox dens. I'll also have plenty of my mini accordion fold oddfauna books!