the books are here!

I'm so excited to let everyone know that I've finally received the books, and the printing looks fantastic! It's been a longer wait than I anticipated, with a few minor bumps along the printing process road, but I'm really happy with how they turned out.
You can order them through my shop, which I'll ship out by the end of the month once all of the Kickstarter orders have been sent out. I'll also have copies for sale at DesignerCon down in Pasadena 

zombie beast sculptures are back! for a limited time only

for one week only the zom-beasts will be available in my shop!
the rejected casts have reanimated into a mob of hungry beasts searching for brains, grab one before it's too late!
each beast is hand cast in hydrocal and hand painted. they stand roughly 2" high and will come in a little brown gift box.available here

storytime group show

i painted these guys for a group show that's opening this weekend at monkey house toys! i've been working on a story idea featuring these beasties, so painted up a piece based on one of my concept sketches. here's the show info:


here's a piece i did for halloween! it'll be a part of tr!ckster's group show this month.

The Alternative Press Expo, Oct 12-13

APE is this weekend! unfortunately my book "oddfauna's little book of beasts" won't be ready for the show like i originally anticipated. however, i will have lots of new goodies including some new limited edition prints, my patina bronze ovok, and will be launching my brand new little sproutling sculpture into the world! hooray! so come by booth #500 to say hi! i'm right front and center, by the bar.