new work, the night creatures

I've painted up some more little night beasts, including a new Ovok series and have released them in my shop! I also have a brand new print available, just in time for the holidays:) check them out at

Originals and limited edition pieces for DesignerCon!

the original one of a kind forest creature

these guys are the beginning of a new series. when darkness falls on the land the lumin night creatures glow their brightest. 

 exclusive for DesignerCon, only 5 purple trico's will be available!

 trio beast set

 bronze ovok, for the sophisticated collector

I will have all of these beasts with me at designercon this weekend. as well as these collectors edition pieces, I will have a whole little army of the usual critters, as well as my new beast book, prints, and some new limited edition prints. hope to see you there! if you can't make it to designercon, i'll be posting the remaining beasts in my online shop the following week

the books are here!

I'm so excited to let everyone know that I've finally received the books, and the printing looks fantastic! It's been a longer wait than I anticipated, with a few minor bumps along the printing process road, but I'm really happy with how they turned out.
You can order them through my shop, which I'll ship out by the end of the month once all of the Kickstarter orders have been sent out. I'll also have copies for sale at DesignerCon down in Pasadena 

zombie beast sculptures are back! for a limited time only

for one week only the zom-beasts will be available in my shop!
the rejected casts have reanimated into a mob of hungry beasts searching for brains, grab one before it's too late!
each beast is hand cast in hydrocal and hand painted. they stand roughly 2" high and will come in a little brown gift box.available here

storytime group show

i painted these guys for a group show that's opening this weekend at monkey house toys! i've been working on a story idea featuring these beasties, so painted up a piece based on one of my concept sketches. here's the show info:


here's a piece i did for halloween! it'll be a part of tr!ckster's group show this month.

The Alternative Press Expo, Oct 12-13

APE is this weekend! unfortunately my book "oddfauna's little book of beasts" won't be ready for the show like i originally anticipated. however, i will have lots of new goodies including some new limited edition prints, my patina bronze ovok, and will be launching my brand new little sproutling sculpture into the world! hooray! so come by booth #500 to say hi! i'm right front and center, by the bar.

sproutlings in the garden

look what i found growing in a garden shrub. these new little sproutling totems will be limited to 15 sculptures and will be available at APE October 12-13! I'll be right up front and center this year at table #500

Open studio art sale!

Some sculptures and originals that I'll have on sale at my open studio this Saturday! Come on down to the 744 Alabama St. open studios this weekend in San Francisco, I'm studio #125 and will be there from 11-5.

coming soon- open studio and outdoor art show!

Hey folks! I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be having an open studio on Saturday  September 14 along with all the artists at 766 Alabama studios (I'm #125 on the ground floor) I've been hoarding original pieces and sculptures that I've never put up for sale, so if you're interested in original artwork this would be the time to pick up a piece. I'll have all the usual goodies too, cards, prints, beast sculpts. And of course if you just want to come by to say hi and check out my work den and drink some cheap open studio wine, come on down! I probably won't have another open studio like this for a very long time.
I'll also be at the Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley on Sunday September 15th sharing a booth with the lovely Bird of Virtue. Hope to see you at either of these events!

unicorns, evil wizards and shiny awesomeness

my amazing friend phoenix (owner and creator of the magic that is beastwares) has just launched a new kickstarter project to create the incredible incandescent armor jacket. not only is this the shiniest most glorious jacket your face has ever seen, but the video, produced by samuel j. granillo will knock your socks off. seriously. check out the project here to pre order one of your very own!

urban craft uprising! july 13-14 in seattle

after the excitement of a successful kickstarter project and just days after getting home from a whirlwind trip across canada, i've decided i wasn't busy enough, so i'll be flying to seattle this weekend to be a part of this killer craft fair! If you're in the area be sure to come and check it out!

kickstarter stretch goals!

less than a week left to get in on the kickstarter action! since we hit our first stretch goal i've added another! who likes stickers? everyone that's who! they will be added to all tiers at $10 and up if we hit our next goal.

new limited edition beast sculptures!

I've created two new limited edition colorways of my ovok and little trico. these guys are available as backer rewards for my kickstarter project.

hooray we made our goal!

Hooray! We made our goal! Thank you to everyone who has backed this project so far, and to everyone who has been sharing it with their friends and networks, I am forever grateful.
We're not done yet! With 20 days left, we're working on some excellent stretch goals, all of which will go into making this book as beautiful as possible. Perhaps a wrap cover, or extra pages of artwork. Maybe even a foil stamp, or spot varnish... Ooo so many delicious possibilities....
I'll also be unlocking some new backer rewards which will include some more originals, so stay tuned!
here's a new piece for your viewing pleasure "the mighty multicorn"

new beast art originals

here's 3 paintings that are now available as backer rewards for my kickstarter book project! these pieces will also be a part of the book if we reach our funding goal.

maker faire recap

wow!! what a fantastic show. thank you so much to everyone that stopped by my booth, your support really means a lot, and inspires me to keep creating.
maker faire has easily become one of my favorite show to do. the kind folks at bazaar bizarre are always awesome to work with, and the show itself is full of so many talented amazing people. i always leave the show inspired. (and exhausted, but mostly inspired)
plus i was lucky enough to receive one of the coveted blue maker ribbons, which ovok is fashionably sporting.

oddfauna's little book of beasts

i've FINALLY set a date to launch my book project. may 28th, no take backs.

oddfauna painting video

here's a custom painting that i recently did! i thought that i'd try taking some video with my fancy new magic phone. please excuse the weird angle, being a little ill equipped, the camera was precariously propped up on a pile of dens and books on my desk. the next one will be better i swear.  

oddfauna book update

well it's taken much longer than expected, but the oddfauna book is finally underway! finding a good north american printer within my budget has proven to be most challenging, but now that that's taken care of i've started to put together the kickstarter campaign which should be ready to launch in the next few weeks!
until then, here's a new creature called sisleflo.

shows in may

may shows already? how time flies! I've got two coming up next month, the wonderful urban air market in hayes valley sf (may 5th), and the ever exciting maker faire in san mateo (may 18-19)! i'll have some new goodies available at both shows, and hopefully, if all goes according to plan, i'll be launching my kickstarter project, "oddfauna's little book of beasts" at maker faire!

more custom ovoks, spring and fall!

i've been painting some new custom beasties. It started with spring, inspired by the pastel blossoms on the trees. then i thought i should do an ovok for each season, where he sheds his coat to match his surroundings, so i did one for fall. next up, winter, and a leafy green summer:)

riddles in the dark, new series in progress

the first piece of a new series based on riddles from the hobbit. i've been a big tolkien fan since i was a wee thing, and thought it was about time i did a little fan art of my own.

new print for emerald city comicon

i've finally made this piece into a 8.5x11 print! it will be available at eccc next week in seattle. i'm also working on a brand new series of illustrations (non oddfauna) which will also be available at the show, sneak peek coming soon:)

journey, the most beautiful game ever

ok, so this is not a post about what i'm working on, i just had to share a little bit about this gorgeous game called JOURNEY by thatgamecompany. i played this game yesterday, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. seriously, i was even dreaming about it last night. not only is it visually and audibly stunning, but you also become very emotionally attached to the little faceless character that you play. the story is intriguing in it's simplicity, and you are left satisfied, but wanting more.
even if you're not into games, go check this out, it will blow your mind.


i'm excited to be a part of emerald city comicon this year in seattle! i'll be at booth 2414 with lots of new work to share, as well as a few sneak peeks for the oddfauna book that i'm working on. if you're planing on being there be sure to come by to say hi:)

new beast art


here's another sneak peek of a new illustration for the book

new beastie work in progress

so i've been toying with the idea of putting together a book of oddfauna illustrations for a while now, and i'm excited to say that things are finally moving forward! my good friend emma wright, who is a pretty awesome graphic designer, is on board to help me make this book really special. and i've been working on lots of new beastie illustrations. top secret beastie illustrations. well ok, here's a peek of one i'm working on right now.
the plan so far is to launch this project as a kickstarter in march, so stay tuned!

new year, new studio

after a massive flood and a raise in rent, i decided that it was time to move on out to a new studio. i've moved the beasts and everything else to a new cozy little space at 19th and alabama in sf.
edwin has made himself quite comfy.