ovok has so many friends

monday creature drawing, another ovok! this time he has a whole bunch of friends, whether they like it or not.
i've decided to use this image as my kickstarter thank you postcard:)

weekly creature drawing

the kickstarter madness is officially over! thanks again to everyone who pledged and helped spread the word, i couldn't have done it without you:)
i'll be posting updates on the progress of the sculpts over the next few months, and once all of the kickstarter orders have gone out, i'll have the white resin and the painted woodland ovok available for purchase in my shop.
i'm also going to get back in to posting a new creature illustration every week, to start us off, here's the big beast himself, ovok! 

white resin casts

I just got the final resin samples, operation ovok is a go! the full run will be getting made in the next couple of weeks, hooray!

ovok sculpture process

here's some process photos of my ovok sculpture. working from a sketch, i blocked out the body structure in extra firm polymer clay. after creating the body shape, i worked out the detail of the face and fur cutting out each little triangle. once finished he was baked in the oven and then sanded to tighten up the details.

maker faire pictures

here's a few pictures of my table at maker faire from a few weeks ago, such a great show! i wish i had more time to explore all of the amazing things that were there. luckily i was able to meet lots of creative and interesting people that stopped by my booth to check out my wares:)