New BIG beast! the Multicorn

i've made a new beast! this one is even bigger than ovok, he's a whopping 5" tall, and far more badass than any unicorn. he'll be available to buy at designercon, which is just over a week away! he also comes in a fancy little box:)


  1. Yay! finally found your blog; saw your stuff at lower haighters, and missed you at APE, but am glad to say one of your wolf dens has a new home ; D Your stuff is so lovely; i'm a big fan! take care!!

  2. Thanks Daisy! I'm glad the den has found a good home;) I'll be at Bazaar Bizarre Dec 3-4 this year too if you want to come by our Beast Parlor table to say hi:)
    (your drawing are super cute by the way)

  3. Yes. this will the best one ...I think....