new beastie work in progress

so i've been toying with the idea of putting together a book of oddfauna illustrations for a while now, and i'm excited to say that things are finally moving forward! my good friend emma wright, who is a pretty awesome graphic designer, is on board to help me make this book really special. and i've been working on lots of new beastie illustrations. top secret beastie illustrations. well ok, here's a peek of one i'm working on right now.
the plan so far is to launch this project as a kickstarter in march, so stay tuned!


  1. that is just too awesome! >___< looking forward to seeing your collection and any sneak peeks you may share!

    1. thanks jenny! there will definitely be some sneak peeks with the kickstarter launch, which will hopefully happen in a month or so. i'll probably post a few images in the mean time too:)