Adventuring with my sisters!

I spent this past month adventuring through Mongolia with my 2 sisters. We had such an amazing experience staying in gers with nomadic families and exploring the countryside. Now I'm back in the studio working away on some new projects which I'll be sharing with everyone soon, but first, trip photos!

Hiking down through the White Cliffs

 A baby camel crying for it's mama. they make the craziest noises, which was funny until we realized that they were going to be crying all night long right outside of our ger.
 We also had the pleasure of riding these giant ornery beasts.
 Gobi cricket! The craziest bug I've ever seen.

 We hiked the length of Yol canyon, a little slice of green running through the Gobi. There were little pikas scurrying all around us, and we were lucky to see a massive bearded vulture take flight from it's nest.
 The sand dunes were epic, the climb up was exhausting. the view and the sunset from the very top was amazing!

 This wild little boy of one of the families we stayed with wanted us all to hop on the back of the bike with him, not sure where he was planning on taking us.

 Being serenaded in kharakhorum
The Flaming Cliffs
Wild horses! We were lucky to get to see the nearly extinct Tahki horse, which have been recently reintroduced into their natural habitat in central Mongolia.
Orkhon waterfall
Our wonderful horse guide and our mighty steeds!

 The collector, not exactly sure what this guy was up to, but he's holding a penis shaped rock with a baby inside and was surrounded by skull totem poles.
 Goats eating the offerings of the ovoo. 
 The most amazing boots at the black market in Ulaanbaatar.

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