Meet Logur!

Hey guys! I'm very excited to finally be releasing this guy into the wild.
He's a sculpt that I originally made over a year ago, and have been looking for the right way to reproduce him. Luckily I just happen to have a friend named Victoria ( who is a casting wizard and who has been able to recreate some very interesting color variations for me out of her studio in Oakland. The first colorway is called "Jade" which is translucent in the fins and allows some light to shine through the body. each one is unique and has different variations of color and translucency.
I'll be putting up a select few for sale in my shop this Friday, and will be bringing some to NYCC and DesignerCon.
I really wanted to try to recreate some elements of my watercolor work into these new sculptures.  After some trial and error, we were able to get some really great results by mixing different colors into a clear resin.

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